Why Cables Matter

Read our industry leading research and find out why you need QED cables as part of your set up

Sound of Science

We have always believed that the most sophisticated sound receiving device of all time is the truly incredible human ear, and we both acknowledge and are challenged by how this wonderful instrument can detect the most minute of sonic differences that we currently struggle to measure. Exhaustive listening tests therefore remain an essential element in turning a very good cable in to an exceptional one. 

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The Genesis Report

The once humble loudspeaker cable has seen a meteoric rise in importance in recent years. Previously almost an afterthought, cables are now crucial high-technology audio components in their own right, though often cloaked unnecessarily in mystery and intrigue.

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The Genesis Report II

In 1995 we published the Genesis Report on loudspeaker cable design. In that document we established design principals, scientifically proved, which are as valid today as they were 12 years ago. This longevity is an unequivocal endorsement of both the quality and depth of that original scientific research. The Genesis Report laid the foundations on...

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HDMI Cables Matter

Recently there have been discussions on television and the internet suggesting it's not worth upgrading to high quality digital audio and HDMI cables. We have our say...

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Supremus Report

At QED all our cable designs are informed by our exhaustive ongoing research into cable parameters which began in 1995 and is detailed variously in the Genesis Reports. These reports set out the design-principles to which we have since adhered and which have resulted most recently in the development of QED Supremus loudspeaker cable; the ultimate expression of sound through science without compromise.

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